Why You Should Choose Shopify Plus B2B E-commerce platform

//Why You Should Choose Shopify Plus B2B E-commerce platform

In America today, it is thought that the total B2B sales are fast approaching the $1 trillion, industry analysts suggest. That figure alone is nearing four times the size of the business to consumer, B2C e-commerce market. Despite the $1 trillion mark, the B2b industry is said to be in its initial stage and going into the future; great things are set to happen. Most organizations are still making their baby steps towards joining the B2B e-commerce platform.

What Is B2B E-commerce Platform?

B2B e-commerce is the abbreviation for Business to Business electronic commerce. The term refers to the trade between two or more organizations, carried out online. The transactions that are done at the wholesale level are referred to as the business-to-business trade. On the other hand, those done at the retail level are called the business to consumer or B2C. This, therefore, would adequately define what B2C e-commerce is. Trade at the B2C is done between the company and the consumer.

Normally the dollar value at the B2B business is often higher than that of the business to the consumer level. This can be explained by the ability of companies to buy products and services that are higher priced than the direct consumer would.

With that explanation, maybe you would like to know the examples or popular B2B e-commerce platform today. Examples are vast, but first things first; Shopify Plus is an example of a well-performing B2B e-commerce platform. Most merchants today choose Shopify for various reasons. Besides Shopify offering merchants a pocket-friendly B2B e-commerce platform, the platform is also easy to use.

Why Merchants Choose Shopify Plus over Other B2B e-commerce Platforms

The Platform Grows With a Business

The platform has both high usability and also offers pocket-friendly plans. This makes small businesses prefer the platform. However, this platform is also suitable for merchants raking under $250K annually. However, there are people here making more than that figure annually, but if you listen to their growth story, they started as startups, with Shopify and as their business realized growth, Shopify has always been by their side every step of their growth. Beside it providing a reliable web hosting platform, it also offers them more than 1000 integrations which merchants use to expand their platforms.

Plenty of Integrations

Though the platform has limited built-in functionality, it has multiple features for incoming traders. Though the expanding merchants may feel as if they are restricted, this has been countered by the platform creating an App store which has over time to include more than 1000 applications as well as integrations. These way users can enhance their platforms and continue expanding their businesses as well as other needs.

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